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One of the timeless truths that young pastors need to grasp is the stewardship of study. Reading is at the core of our study. Reading the Bible comes first. We need to read it regularly, voraciously, and systematically.

Find a process whereby you can read the Bible from cover to cover rather quickly and then, at least once a year, preferably more often. As you read this way, include a program of reading books of the Bible slowly and meditatively.

This is in addition to Bible reading for specific sermon preparation.

What else should leaders and preacher read?

Read stories because they teach us out to flesh out truth and tell stories ourselves. They express human emotion and experience in ways that we can grasp. They also provide a source of inspiration. Read both fiction and true life stories, especially biographies.

Read current events in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other Internet sources. If you are a prophet, you must understand the times.

Read current religious thought, commentaries, practical ministry articles, missional essays and books, sociology, history, and a broad range of disciplines so that you can be interesting, relevant, relate-able, and informed as well as challenged.

Read leadership articles and books so that you can grow as a leader.

Read. If you haven't started, begin with at least 15 minutes a day and move toward 2 hours. At first it may be painful. Later, it will be painful not to read.

Leaders are readers.

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